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Advanced Steel Solutions is totally committed to providing our customers with the best overall service and value in the metals service center industry. We supply quality products, competitive prices, packaged properly and delivered in a timely manner. If we make an error we correct the problem quickly and to the customers’ satisfaction.

Advanced Steel Solutions realizes our success has been based on dealing ethically and fairly with our customers, our employees and our vendors, with our future dependent upon how we honor those with whom we do business.


Advanced Steel Solutions management team has positioned the company so it can maintain the success and momentum it has garnered over the years.  This positioning gives Advanced Steel the ability to take advantage of new growth opportunities as they arise, and also to assure its customers, employees, and vendors of the security of being associated with a regional cornerstone of the metal service center industry.


All burning centers at Advanced Steel Solutions are CNC controlled in order to provide the most consistent parts possible.

  • Multiple torches provide for rapid, cost efficient cutting of large production orders.

  • Thickness capacity up to 8″.

  • Table capacities of up of 120″ wide and 480″ long.

  • Each burning center has over 250 pre-programmed shapes. Other shapes are programmed in-house using the latest Auto-Cad technology.

  • Advanced Steel Solutions’ burning centers are compatible with customer provided DXF files. Using your files improves turnaround time, minimizes the opportunity for programming error and provides further cost savings to you, the customer.

  • Nesting software provides for efficient use of materials, resulting in minimal scrap.

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